viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

A Taste of Sonar - A warm-up weekend for Sonar 2010.

First confirmed artists :: DOOM and Laurent Garnier will perform at 'A Taste of Sónar' London

The annual dance and electronica festival returns to the Roundhouse with a warm-up weekend for Sonar 2010.

On 5th and 6th March, Sonar will offer a new “Taste of Sonar” at the Roundhouse in Camden, in London.

It will be two nights to savour in pure Sonar style, containing a small-scale version of the intense festival experience - a sampler featuring two prestigious names as confirmed artists: the enigmatic North American MC and producer DOOM, in Europe for the first time, and the French artist Laurent Garnier. More artists will be announced soon.

This year, for the first time, Red Bull Music Academy will programme the Studio Theatre Stage solely from its participants, representing some of the most exciting emerging talent from around the globe.

Tickets for 'A Taste of Sonar' London already on sale.


"A Taste of Sonar" London / Friday March the 5th 2010

A key figure in hip-hop, in Europe for the first time
DOOM is the new alias of the New York producer and rapper Daniel Dumile Thompson, who has previously worked under various pseudonyms including MF DOOM, VIKTOR VAUGHN, DANGER DOOM (with Danger Mouse) and MADVILLAIN (with Madlib). An essential figure for those with a taste for underground hip-hop on an outlandish tip, he always hides behind a Doctor Doom style villain's mask. His creation of his own universe based on old superhero comics and the mythology of Japanese monsters has given him a legendary aura and won over all types of fans. Among these are names that are more closely linked to rock: Thom Yorke, the main man in Radiohead, has remixed his track "GAZZILLION EAR" as a sign of his devotion to the masked superhero of rap. Sonar is bringing DOOM to London for his first live show in Europe, at the festival’s London event. His live shows are always a surprise wrapped inside a mystery, so it may well be a night to remember.


“A Taste of Sonar” London / Saturday March the 6th 2010

A new album by a classic among classics
The second name to give a shine to "A Taste of Sonar" London is Laurent Garnier, who will be presenting live the material from his latest album, "Tales of a Kleptomaniac" (PIAS, 2009), on which the renowned French producer experiments with various styles of electronic music including techno, dub and jazz-house. Laurent Garnier's career takes in more than twenty years as a DJ and over fifteen as a producer, and in all this time he has been a key figure in the popularisation and spread of rave culture and electronic dance music all over Europe. Some of his most well-known releases –"A shot in the dark" and "Unreasonable behaviour", which included anthems like "Astral dreams" and "The man with the red face"– will also be part of the French musician's new live repertoire.

"A Taste of Sonar" 5th and 6th March, 2010

Chalk Farm Road - NW1 8EH London