martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Wellcome frozen sauna sessions with Roberto Rodriguez and Jussi-Pekka

Hailing from the Frozen North, with the highest amount of mobile phones and internet connections per head, where saunas, reindeer and keskikesä rule your life, where in dark days it seems like kind of a logical conclusion to lock yourself away in the studio – this is the world of the Frozen North Sauna Session brand new radio show at Ibiza Sonica..

Hosted by Roberto Rodriguez & Jussi-Pekka, featuring music from Planet Earth...

Deep Electronica, strange Rock, Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Balearic Beats, Pop ...

With guests like Jesper dahlback, Estroe, Timo Maas, Jori Hulkkonen, Jimpster,
or the Connaisseur Posse.

Tune in 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 22:00 to 23:00 at

“ … I don´t play music I don´t like. Some DJ´s do it for the money, but I do it to support the music I love …”
Hailing from the frozen north, with the highest amount of mobile phones and internet connections per head, where saunas, reindeers and keskikesä rule your life, where in dark days it seems like kind of a logical conclusion to lock yourself away into the studio – these words come from our favourite Finn Jussi-Pekka. J-P, as his friends call him, is an artist in the truest sense of the word. And that artist-way of thinking can be experienced, if you ever happen to hear any of his DJ-sets.
But it´s not only the DJ in him. His profiling production face also perfectly underlines his musical character, combining Detroit techno, groovy beats and acid elements, he's forming his unique cool & crispy Jussi-Pekka sound. Mr Parikka manages the crossover between house and techno like only a very few others do, with a subliminal sureness to receive support from a crossfire of DJs from different electronic niches, including the likes of Hawtin, Bug, Villalobos, Garnier, James Holden, Electric Indigo and Timo Maas.
So far he can look back on an impressive release catalogue including productions for highly respected labels such as Poker Flat ( “Dancing Queen”), Morris/Audio (“Work it”), Slip´n´Slide, Audiomatique (“Let it go”), Out of Orbit (“Stereo interleaved”), Dessous, Latenightessentials, Vuo, Statra, Worldless (“The Snake”), and not to forget his very own imprint Frozen North Recordings, which he has kickstarted in 2005 to give himself as well well as other Finnish artists the chance to spread the more and more sought-after Scandinavian beats. Hence it is not surprising that this also affected the demand on his remix abilities. So far he can look back on additional production work for Jens “never be the same”, Kalle-M (“Omena” on Was Kids), Chica Discos, Plusminus Recordings, and has recently been chosen to remix Jori Hulkkonen for F-Communications.
If Tampere will ever be named alongside tone-setting cities such as Chicago, London or Berlin, then it´s for sure Jussi-Pekka who achieved that his hometown became an item in the global underground dance scene.

Roberto Rodriguez:
Jori Hulkkonen, Jesper Dahlbaeck, Roberto Rodriguez, Trentemøller… sounds wrong to you? Actually, it isn’t... Roberto fits perfectly well into that list of great northern producers, not only because he really is Scandinavian (grown up in Helsinki, with a Spanish father and a Finnish mother), but also due to his both modest and highly professional attitude and his long grown involvement with what we could call the “Nordic scene”.
Speaking of the Nordic scene: maybe you actually remember those warehouse parties in the late 80s full of Acidhouse and Detroit Techno – that was where Roberto first got into that funk infected old-school vibe, the foundation for his career as a true dancefloor shaker, remixing Jay Shepheard, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Tigerstripes, Estreo, Crazy P, Moritz Piske, Vanessa Daou or, most recently, Yoko Ono.
Over the years, Roberto not only collected releases on Compost, Freerange, Laka, Sonarkollektiv, Plastic City, 2020 Vision, Delusions of Grandeur or Moodmusic, but also formed various projects, covering all kinds of music: Acid Kings to satisfy his lust for live performance with the Roland TB 303, Robbyn Rhodes & Track ‘n’ Field for his relaxed music tendencies; the Future Beat Investigators followed the Detroit heritage and the Bermuda project came back to Cosmic & Italohouse.
With a pertinent mix of soulful, funky House Music, Roberto has been steadily building his career since the mid 90s, and finally the international dance circus seems to be prepared for his sound, his effective productions, impeccable Dj & Live Performance. Looks like he’s finally about to get what he deserves.