lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

IN THE SPOTLIGHT the new radio show by COCOON arrives on Radio AMNESIA

Cocoon Artist Booking introduces a new interview & podcast series called "In The Spotlight": Every month we have a little chit-chat with an artist from our booking roster who adds an exclusive mix on top. Listen this exclusive monthly radio show every last monday of the month from 00H00 to 01H00 on Radio Amnesia and Ibiza Sonica.

Tonight, we start the series with a focus on Ingo Boss :

The year 2011 has just come to an end. How was it for you, were there any special moments that are stuck in your memory?

Well, I perceived 2011 being rather turbulent, steady ups and downs with special highs and lows. My highlights were the nice gigs in Leeds, Sevilla and my annual birthday party at the Cocoon Club Lounge, just to mention a few. Besides that, I started my own net label EUREKA, which saw five releases until the end of last year. This is my platform to let out everything, all the genres that are moving me. That's also the reason why I decided to release my second album on my own label.
Another highlight for me is the annual Green & Blue open air. It's so much fun for me to work in the production team for several days, only to see and experience the fun everybody has on Sunday. That is really making me happy!

You already mentioned your label EUREKA – what can we expect in 2012?

For the beginning of February, I have my new album "Same Mind" in the pipeline, the exact release date being the 6th February. Besides that, there is the "Freakshow EP" with a very weird Neil Landstrumm remix of which I'm very proud. Neil has created something that sounds a lot like the Sativae, Scandinavia and Tresor tracks from 1997-1998, legendary! Apart from that, the first half of the year is already scheduled, more or less. Let yourself be surprised. At least, the label's motto is "expect the unexpected"!

What inspired you to release your album on EUREKA?

Like with my first album, my main aim is always to create electronic soundscapes with the related arcs of suspense. It's more something to listen to at a comfy after hour. There are no pure club tracks on it, that's what I rather do on my 12"es and remixes. Here, I can fully commit myself to the comfortable musical atmosphere. My two albums are more like the "Little Eternity" track that was released on Cocoon Recordings in 2003.

Are there any remixes of the album tracks planned?

Yes, there are two remix EPs scheduled. I already received the remixes by Johannes Heil and Mark Reeve. Junyamabe (the winner of Cocoon Recordings' Japan producer contest last year) is also doing a remix. I liked his track on "Dots & Pearls" so much that I have asked him straightforward. Also, Dr. Shingo from Tokyo is doing one, plus some more 'well-known artists'. I don't want to tell more here. These reworks will partly represent the club mixes of the album, but there are also planned some mixes for listening.

You are playing at ageHa in Tokyo on the 25th February, and this is not your first time. How do you perceive Japan and its Techno scene?

I have played in Tokyo for the first time in 2005, that was at ageHa, at its 3rd anniversary party. Man, I was nervous, I can tell you. And I was all the more happier that the club was really burning and the guests were totally excited about my DJ set. For me, this is one of the best sound systems worldwide, absolutely worth seeing and hearing! AgeHa means butterfly in English, which is perfectly matching the metamorphosis of the chrysalis in the cocoon. I'm very glad to be back this year, even if the pictures of last year's catastrophe are still in my head. Let's hope the best for Japan!
The Tokyo scene is well positioned for more than 20 years now. I also played two times at Womb and in other locations. The Japanese are big fans of technology, you can see and hear that everywhere. Everything is on a high technological level and designed with very much love. The cordiality and friendliness of all the people speaks for itself, whether it's the clubbers, the staff or the promoters, who literally do everything to make us artists feel comfortable there. Many thanks for that!

You can read the full interview on

Tonight from 00H00-01H00 connect to Radio Amnesia and enjoy IN THE SPOTLIGHT with Ingo Boss

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012


El próximo 2 Marzo Ibiza Sonica & Ocean Drive Hotel presentan la primera edición del Ibiza Music Network, una iniciativa auspiciada por el Ibiza Music Cluster que consiste en “speed datings” de 20 participantes con 5 profesionales que representan la cadena industrial de la música. La intención es lograr el desarrollo profesional de los participantes inspirándose en los conocimientos y contactos de 5 personalidades ejemplares dentro del negocio musical. En este caso los invitados son :

Ibiza Sonica & Ocean Drive Hotel present Ibiza Music Network, an initiative sponsored by the Ibiza Music CLuster, and confirmed to take place on 2nd March. In a concept that could almost be compared to ‘speed-dating’, participants will be given the opportunity to come face to face with some of the most important movers and shakers of the industry, for some serious one on one time. The aim of Ibiza Music Network is the professional development of the participants, drawing on the knowledge, advice and contacts of the IMN special guests, who, in this first instance, are confirmed as:

Dj HELL: Productor,Dj y propietario del sello International DJ Gigolos, descubridor de talentos como Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Vitalic, Tiga, Fischerspooner y precursor del electroclash. Todo un icono de la electrónica. Ha colaborado con artistas de la talla de P. Diddy o Brian Ferry.

Dj HELL: Producer,Dj and International DJ Gigolos´s owner, electroclash godfather (Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Vitalic,Fischerspooner…). An icon of the electronic music.

Lynn Cosgrave: manager de Carl Cox, promotora de la fiestas Revolution y Come Together de Space, especialista en sponsorship, responsable de las Ministry of Sound compilations, ex-vicepresidenta del departamento dance de Sony Music y propietaria de Safehouse Management.

Lynn Cosgrave: Carl Cox´s manager, promoter of Revolution and Come Together parties at Space Ibiza, she set up and ran the Ministry of Sound compilations, ex-vicepresident of Sony´s Dance Division and Safehouse Management owner.

Ben Turner: Editor de la revista MUzik & Pacha Magazine, fundador de la International Music Summit, , co-fundador de la Asociaciation of Independent Festivals y mánager de artistas como Richie Hawtin o Roba Da Bank (Graphite Media)

Ben Turner:Muzik & Pacha Magazine´s editor, co-founder of International Music Summit, director of Bestival & Camp Bestival festivals, artist manager of Richie Hawtin and Rob da Bank, co-founder of the Asociaciation of Independent Festivals and Richie Hawtin´s agent (Graphite Media)

Nick Unsworth: Experto en el mercado de la descarga legal Online, ex-label manager de Itunes Europe para el apoyo de sellos independiente y actual Digital Business Development Manager de Juno Download.

Nick Unsworth: Online legal download expert ,ex-label manager in Itune Europe (Account management and support for independent labels and artists across Europe) and Digital Business Development Manager of Juno Download.

Mark Grotefeld: Pioneer Europe Multimedia division head of marketing. Ha sido el responsable del desarrollo multimedia de Pioneer Dj Europe, creador de la plataforma DJSounds, referencia en el videostreaming de DJ´s y experto en la relación entre música y marcas.

Mark Grotfeld: Pioneer Europe Multimedia division head of marketing. Responsable of multimedia´s development of Pioneer Dj Europe, sponsorship expert and founder of DJSounds.

Las reuniones serán privadas y se irán desarrollando durante todo el día en el hotel Ocean Drive de manera que todos los participantes tendrán 15 minutos en privado con cada uno de los “profesores”. Además durante la jornada se acercarán al hotel profesionales de la escena musical ibicenca creando así un networking continuo.

La selección de los participantes cuyo perfil esté entre Dj´s, productores, editores, managers, promotores, periodistas, etc, se realizará por una parte entre una selección de los candidatos de la isla para promover el desarrollo local y por otro lado de una selección internacional para potenciar el carácter internacional de Ibiza.

The event and its networking opportunities will take place on a rotational basis during the day of March 2nd at Ibiza’s emblematic Ocean Drive hotel, with each one on one session lasting 15minutes. Organisers of the event are also opening the doors of the Hotel to the cast of Ibiza’s own electronic music industry, providing even more opportunity for the candidates involved to up their game in the networking department.

Para optar a una de las plazas (que tienen un coste de 50€ excepto para socios del Ibiza Music Cluster) solo tienes que rellenar el formulario que encontrarás en la página Tienes tiempo hasta el 31 de Enero.

As for the selection process, applicants from across the music industry- DJs, managers, promoters, journalists, editors and so on- are invited to apply, with the 20 chosen few divided between local candidates, Ibiza Music Cluster members and a number of international individuals. To qualify for a place on the course, fill in the application form on before 31thJanuary 2012.

Price: 50€ Non-Cluster Members


Good luck !

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Sonica Guest Dj Session presenta... Dj INO / Sábado 21/01 22H00-23H00

Con una contribución a la escena electrónica en la última década que va más allá de un par de albumes y colaboraciones, dj Ino imprime un estilo impecable a la hora de mezclar discos, participando en clubs y festivales de prestigio. Personaje respetado en el mundo clubbing y mago de las mezclas imposibles...

Durante los 90, inaugura su primer club “House Café” (1997-2006)estableciendo el comienzo de una era de música House en la ciudad. A principios de siglo Ino se implica de lleno en la rehabilitación de Telefunken (2000-2010)”, un pequeño local con una banda sonora cuidada al detalle, que ha apostado en sus casi once años de vida por gran mayoría de artistas nacionales, además de contar habitualmente con un selecto grupo de djs internacionales.

Parte fundamental del colectivo Funky Soul Rebels con base en NYC y con los que edita la primera referencia de su propio sello. Ha sido remezclado por Charles Webster, Vincenzo y Motorcitysoul en su primer LP titulado 981 North, y ha editado en sellos como Seasons Recordings (USA), Release Music (GER), Café Del Mar, Boavista Music, Justified Cause (ES), y Objektivity (USA).

En el año 2002, Ino crea el sello House Café Music como plataforma para editar sus propios trabajos de studio a la vez que tracks de artistas internacionales de reconocido prestigio.

Con el paso de los años, el sello se ha convertido en una referencia del Deep House en España, siendo seleccionado en varias ocasiones como sello revelación.

Su trabajo ha sido reconocido por la crítica y prensa especializada, recibiendo diferentes nominaciones comoo Mejor Dj House y Deep House, Mejor Remix porTake Control feat. Mc Johnny Def /(Garcynoise Remix) en 2007 durante los premios Deejaymag y DJ1.

La primera edición de Sonar Galicia (Junio 2010) quedará marcada con letras de oro para el clubbing gallego, y en especial para Ino, ya que vió recompensado un trabajo de tantos años apoyando la escena y llevando el nombre de la ciudad de La Coruña allá por donde va, con la invitación de actuar entre los dos cabezas de cartel: Laurent Garnier y Matthew Herbert. Con un horario perfecto y entre su propio público, Ino realizó uno de los mejores sets que se recuerdan en esta primera edición, recibiendo grandes elogios por parte del público y prensa.

En Verano de 2011 Dj Ino consigue la dirección artística de La Terraza by Finisterre, un espacio situado en el Hotel Finisterre ***** que ha conseguido situarse como uno de los locales más exitosos de la ciudad de A Coruña.

Este Sábado de las 22H00 hasta las 23H00, Recibimos a Dj INO en nuestra GUEST DJ SESSION. Disfruta de este programa exclusivo conectando con IBIZA SONICA 95.2 fm (Ibiza y formentera) /

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

THE SHELTER, a new radio show on Pura Sonica and Ibiza Sonica

Christian Len lleva más de 10 años dedicándose a la música y durante ese tiempo ha hecho prácticamente de todo: periodista, programador de conciertos, promotor, dj residente de la Sala Be Cool, habitual de Sidecar, La 2 o Razzmataz, músico (L´Hautcacam), coordinador de scannerFM, selector para las radios de Primavera Sound y Sónar… Todo ello en Barcelona, la ciudad donde creció profesionalmente hasta 2011 cuando Ibiza Sónica le tendió una mano y le invitó a vivir en la mágica isla ibicenca.

Latest tracks by Christian Len

Christian Len has over 10 years dedicated to music and during that time, he did almost everything: journalist, concert programmer, developer, resident dj of Be CoolRoom, regular of Sidecar, the 2orRazzmataz, musician(L'Hautcacam), scannerFM coordinator, radio selector for Primavera Sound andSonar ... all in Barcelona, the city where he grew up professionally until 2011 when IbizaSonicaextended her hand and invited him to live in the magical island of Ibiza.

The Shelter pretende por una parte recuperar el espíritu balearic realizando un viaje transversal a través de la música, sin límites estilísticos y por otra reivindicar a Ibiza como un lugar que ha servido de inspiración durante años a músicos de distintas disciplinas ( hippies, psicodélia, new agers, los primeros dj´s europeos, productores de electrónica…). Explorar los sonidos del futuros y mirar al pasado todo ello desde el presente con una única regla: dejarse llevar por la música. The Shelter es el lugar donde todas esas canciones que han formado parte de nuestra vida y que descubrimos por primera vez buscan cobijo guiadas por el hipotálamo de Christian Len.

The Shelter seeks to regain some Balearic spirit, taking you on a journey cross through musicwithout stylistic boundaries and on the other claim to Ibiza as a place that has always inspiredmusicians from different disciplines (hippies, psychedelia, newagers, the first European dj's, producers of electronic music ...). Explore the sounds of the future and look back at the past with one rule: go with the music. The Shelter is the place where all those songs that have been part of our life and we discover for the first time seeking shelter guided by the hypothalamus of Christian Len.

The SHELTER llega en Pura Sonica y Ibiza Sonica todos los miercoles

de las 16H00 hasta las 17H00 (GMT+1)

The SHELTER arrives on Pura Sonica and Ibiza Sonica every wenesday

from 16H00 to 17H00 (GMT+1)

Listen Up !

miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

COMFY DUB by George Solar arrives on PURA SONICA and IBIZA SONICA

Dj, producer and remixer George Solar from Cologne, Germany explores the infinite variety of downtempo niceness since the early nineties... on the decks around europe as well as inside the control room of various recording- and broadcast studios.

With prestigeous dj gigs – among them a summer residency at balearic chillout beach club BLUE BAR (formentera) and numerous regular appearances in Ibiza hotspots like AURA, KUMHARAS and SANDS (as part of NIGHTMARES ON WAX‘s WAX DA BEACH crew) plus of course by listening to heaps of new music on a regular, George Solar keeps absorbing daylight so he can shine at night.

Since summer 2010, George hosts his own weekly downtempo radio show HORARIO SOLAR (via formentera station RADIO ILLA) every tuesday 22:00 CET, with many dedicated listeners from the balearic islands of course but thanx to the power of internet also getting great feedback from around the globe.

George runs two compilation series, COMFY DUB and SEXY ELEVATOR MUZAK, manages love poet JEN from washington d.c. (her album out on stereo deluxe) ...meanwhile sorting out his solo album finally, assisting in re-establishing new zealand based record imprint BABYSTEPS music... plus preparing his next balearic summer season. no doubt:
George Solar is down on the beach!

From this thursday, 16H00 (GMT+1), enjoy COMFY DUB, his new radio show on Pura Sonica and Ibiza Sonica.

Pura musica... Pura vida...

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012


Vas a dar un salto evolutivo. Ahora siempre sabrás qué tema está sonando en la radio, de qué artista es, lo podrás comprar y sugerirlo a tus amigos. Por primera vez, una radio desarrolla una aplicación que te hará saberlo odo sobre la música que está sonando.


Ibiza Sonica y Music Technology unidos para crear una aplicación que te permitirá saber qué canción suena en cada momento. Esta tecnología permitirá comprar, compartir en redes sociales y, sobretodo, descubrir las canciones que seleccionan los dj´s de Sónica en sus sesiones en vivo y en directo.

Por fin sabrás cual es esa canción que pincha tu dj favorito, la podrás comprar y podrás sugerirla a tus amigos.

Sonica ya es una radio 3.0 .

Your Ibiza Sonica experience is about to take an evolutionary step! From now on, you'll always know which track is being played on the radio, who it is by, be able to buy it right there and then and recommend it to your friends. For the first time, a radio station has developed a web application that will tell you everything you want to know about your favourite music.

Ibiza Sonica and Music Technology have united to create a 'Now Playing Music Store', an application that lets you know exactly what is playing and what has just been played. This technology enables you to identify the tracks that Sonica DJs are playing, live and direct, as they are played. You can buy, share on social media such as facebook and twitter or just enjoy listening to your favourite sounds.

At last you can see what you hear and know which tracks your favourite DJ is playing, buy it and let your friends know about it.

Ibiza Sonica takes a giant stride towards web 3.0. Enjoy the enhanced experience now !