miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Richie Hawtin presents PLASTIKMAN LIVE

Richie Hawtin returns with one of the most referenced electronic music monikers in dance music… PLASTIKMAN.

Hawtin will unleash a live electronic performance that takes his mastery of technology to the next level, incorporating state of the art visual architecture, interactive technology, and more to be revealed in this return of one of the founders of modern electronic music.

Plastikman Live will be debuted at this year’s Timewarp festival on March 27th, 2010 – the first in a series of hand-picked dates that will form the first ever Plastikman Live world tour.
The new show evolves from the previous Plastikman live performance at Canada’s Mutek festival in 2004, by continuing to explore the connection between visual, audio and interactivity, and once again partnering visual architects Derivative alongside visual designer Ali Demirel. Building upon everything learned from the Hawtin/Demirel Timewarp shows of 2005-2007 and 2008’s Contakt multimedia events, Plastikman Live condenses all of these elements into a new highly concentrated one-hour experience.

Reinterpreting the 18 year history of Hawtin’s Plastikman material, Plastikman Live moves from the acidic atmospheres of ‘Sheet One’ to the disorienting funk of ‘Musik’, to the nostalgic moments of ‘Artifakts’, through the depths of ‘Consumed’ and into the darkness of ‘Closer’; everything re-imagined through the capabilities of modern technology.
Recapturing the spirit of the early Plastikman albums and parties in Detroit, Plastikman Live is a fusion of the past and future, the visual and audible, between performer and audience, of expectations and anticipation; creating the ultimate Plastikman experience.

“It has always fascinated me how sound, lighting, visuals and human interactivity define and deepen a concert experience By focusing on my own unique Plastikman sound I hope to find new freedom and explore the extremes of where these elements converge, challenging our senses, stimulating our memories, and creating an experience of physical and mental intensity that can be only Plastikman.” – Richie Hawtin, January 2010