jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Miss Luna presenta nuevo Album "Rise and Shine" - Viernes 28 en Nassau Beach Club - Ibiza

'Rise & Shine'

This up coming Miss Luna release on KARMALOFT Music has been long awaited.

It Welcomes The Return of 'The Bohemian Zygote' from the Bronx Q DeRHINO.

Q sings the Title track 'Rise & Shine' that invites the listener on a seamless uninterrupted journey to the inside...

...of True Love. And From that point on the 'Love Flow' begins.

The Balearic beats sizzle with sun-drenched soul searching tunes that Resonate through you like 'The One.'

'Moments like this' are what hypnotize you into the warm Mediterranean daydream that is the 'Genesis' of this adventure. As you relax into this euphoric sound-scape you start to feel that 'Happiness is True'... the music has actually carried you 'Into my dream', 'Back into my life' and into 'Paradis.'

This is one album that you must listen to again and again. As you fall in love with every passing note, leading your soul down a path of Love, lightness, and exhilaration as it ends with the climactic Ibiza anthem 'Daytona Race'

Fasten your seat belts
Miss Luna is Ready To Rise & Shine!

On Friday 28th August from 18.00 to 24.00 at Nassau Beach Club with Miss Luna, Q de Rinho, Paul Lomax, Stereo Sushi.

Ibiza Sonica is going to make a live from 19.00 to 21.00.
See you there!!