jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Gilles PETERSON invites Louie VEGA on his HAVANA CULTURA european tour

Gilles PETERSON invite Louie VEGA on his second date of
his "HAVANA CULTURA" European tour.

After strarting out on a radio pirate, and having shows on various legal London-based radio stations, most noticeably including KISS FM, he was recruited to the BBC’s youth-oriented Radio 1 where he’s presenting his Radio Show since 1998.

Widely acclaimed as musical tastemaker, he spreads his influence on msic listenners around the world through his Worlwide (BBC Radio 1) which is also broadcast live on the Radio 1 website and available for audio streaming online.

He also does another international version of the show which get syndicated to radio stations all over the world, such as Radio Nova in Paris, France and of course, Ibiza Sonica where you can listen his Worldwide every Thursday from 11H to 13H on Seekoo Web Radio.

Gilles Peterson even created athe WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL which happens every year in Sète, south of France since 2006. We already know the dates of the next one from july 2nd to 8th…

On August 22th, he actually just released his latest Worldwide Vol 5. A 3 CD compilation called Masterpiece.

Many currents events for the London Dj and record collector who’s is preparing the european tour of his musical project launched in 2009 when a french friend of him, François René propose to Gilles to go in Havana to check out the new generation of artist like he had done before in Brasil and Africa.

He came back with a new EP recorded in the legendary Havana studio EGREM and released « Havana Cultura : New Cuba Sound » on October 27th 2009, first volume of this cuban adventure.

«The thing about Cuba is people know Cuba now for Buenavista Social Club musically, and it’s almost like the people who go to Brazil and expect to hear « The Girl from Ipanema » everywhere. There’s a real good underground scen there and that’s really what I was going to go and do… Sort of Wake up and try ans expose. I went over there and I just discovered all thèse amazing people making music, really different than what we’re used to, because ther’s very little internet, mix are gold-dust. Music is the force there and I came with gifts.»

On November 14th will be released the second volume of « HAVANA CULTURA » a double album called « HAVANA CULTURA : The search continues ». 1 CD of recorded tracks and a second one of remixes.

Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura: The Search Continues // CD01 Teaser by Brownswood

The « Havana Cultura » european tour will follow this release and will start on November 17th in Amsterdam.

For the second tour date, Gilles PETERSON brings the heartbeat of havana’s music underground to Brixton for one special night only. Celebrating the latest instalment in his HAVANA CULTURA album series, Gilles import an all-star cuban live Band to inject some authentic latin flavour and raw cuban rythms and reccruits none other than Masters At Work legend Louie VEGA to headline the Dj Bill, playing a special NUYorican Soul Set, not heard in the UK for many years !

Louie VEGA, who appears on this new album with the Killer «Roforofo Right remix for Gilles».

Impossible to pigeonhole and irreplaceable to the scene which he has helped build over more than 20 years, Louie Vega is the quintessential music Professional. He’s the Dj’s Dj, that name constantly thanked on an artist’s album, the one who has influenced and defined countless other Dj-producers, from today’s brightness stars to those still beat-matching in their bedrooms.

In Ibiza Sonica, we are lucky to count him among our resident artists.
Indeed, you can listen his weekly show "DANCE RITUAL" every Monday from 19H to 20H on Blue Marlin Ibiza Radio and Ibiza Sonica.

Remember of the DIESEL Island Closing Party. Very nice afternoon... Sun, sand, Igor at the mic and Louie VEGA Family on the desks. Such a magic and musical moment...
Summer never ends…

Cuban spirit, two SONICA Artists, one special night in Brixton, London… It sounds good !

Listen the weekly Gilles PETERSON "Worldwide" on Seekoo Web Radio and Ibiza Sonica every Thursday from 11H to 13H.

Listen the weekly Louie VEGA "Dance Ritual" on Blue Marlin Ibiza Radio and Ibiza Sonica every Monday from 19H to 20H.