viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

BERLIN MUSIC DAYS / Fly Bermuda Festival / November 2nd to 5th

Following hot on the electronic heels of October’s Amsterdam Dance Event, the clubbing community will shift focus this November to dance capital of the world, Berlin. For its third consecutive year running, independent dance fest BerMuDa / Berlin Music Days will feature a comprehensive and eclectic smorgasbord of exhibitions, workshops, panels and parties to nourish the hungry movers, shakers and ravers of the dance industry over four fun-filled days.

BerMuDa was created by the originators of the worldwide renowned Watergate Club. Steffen Hack, Ulrich Wombacher and Niklas Eichstädt thought it was time to establish an authentic festival for electronic music which originated from Berlin’s clubs.
The city isn’t crowned as the world capital of electronic music for nothing and nowhere else can you find so many artists, booking agencies, clubs and labels from this genre. These favourable factors should also be utilized to preserve and further establish Berlin’s economic standpoint for music so that its cultural landscape can flourish.

After a successful start in 2009 the unique electronic music club-festival Berlin Music Days-short BerMuDa- will attract thousands of clubbers, ravers, musicians, label managers and artists from all over the world this year. In 2010 around 50.000 people came to the city to experience the 40 different locations with over 100 DJs, live-acts and a stack of daily events.

The Berlin Music Days is clearly positioned as an independent Festival and is based on three pillars ;

During the day the BerMuDays offer a comprehensive programme that includes workshops, panels, lectures, exhibitions and fashion events around electronic music and its associated culture.

At nights the BerMuNights rules the city's dance floors. Night owls and music enthusiasts won’t go home disappointed with all the label nights, showcases and top-notch party events in Berlin’s hottest clubs and locations.

And to end on a high note...

The grand finale at Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport is the Fly BerMuDa on 5th November.

Plastikman and his now famous Live 1.5.
Richie Hawtin is flying all over the world to present this amazing show.
Really Impressive performance…

Fritz Kalkbrenner, Paul little brother best known as a vocalist, and for his work on his brother’s EP, Berlin Calling, OST of the same titled movie in 2008.

On this album appears “Sky and Sand” a musical family reunion with his brother Paul which raised the feeling from the first day on that this could be a big one. And it was. "Sky and Sand" didn't just become an underground anthem, but also reached peak in many european chart positions.

Fritz Kalkbrenner / Here Today Gone Tomorrow by suol

In 2010, Fritz released his first EP “Today Gone Tomorrow” in which appears the very good “Facing the Sun”.
A voice for dreaming…

Sven VATH, Cocoon Daddy is also part of the celebration, last year, he was present for the first edition of this unique festival in Berlin and was openning his set with this amazing and sexual track of Agoria featuring Carl Craig, extract from his last EP Impermanence..

Speechless - Agoria (Featuring Carl Craig) by Miklos Fejes

The Kaiser, Sven Vath, Loco Dice and Ricardo Villalobos 3 cocoon héroes getting together for the first time since The Cocoon Grand Closing Party on september 26th, here in Ibiza… Was Such a big night !

Ellen Allien... Magda... Girl Power !

Ellen Allien, “The Berlinette”, as she called his second EP released in 2003, will be in one’s element here. The founder of the BPitch Control Label has been part of the exportation of the Berlin style all over the world and became one of his most important figure…

The Reunificaded Berlin culture is one of the main inspirations for her music, her first album, Stadkind, was actually dedicated to the city.

Magda, the The polish Dj is recently travelling all around the world to promote her album « From the Fallen Page » revealed on the german and minimal label MINUS in the fall of 2010.

She’s just created ITEMS AND THINGS her own label with her two friends and djs Marc Houle and Troy Pierce :
«Items and things are bits and pièces of uniqueness we come across. The label is a Platform to launch the music that we love. There are no rules, just sounds we like and artist we believe in.»

The futures months see her continuing to expand her sound, as she takes roots in her Berlin studio to work on her forthcoming 2012 album project.

“It‘s a fact that electronic music has been and still is strongly influenced by Berlin. There is hardly any other city, in which this scene has developed in such a creative and diverse manner. There has grown a culture around electronic music that is unparalleled in the world. That is what Berlin musically stands for and that is what the Fly BerMuDa Festival is all about.”

One airport, one night, more than 15 Djs… Who’s said that humans can not fly ?