miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Digital Panel on the Spot

So here we are, floating around the eye of the needle, and what can I say?

Everybody is here and the vibe is positive and optimistic. Funny how, as the industry is sliding down the drain, we are gathering all the tribes for a collective effort. Music business is a dying art, and we are here to transform the outlook into a bright shine future, shaped by the reforms we are forced to take. While the island sure helps to put a smile on our lips, the reality is stark and the opening panel were well aware of this.

I cracked the ball open by dropping the first question: Spotify, free and legal music, what's in store for us? There was a air of concern throughout the partcipants, and the truth is the nobody could really answer this. Panel nor pundit. Spotify is legal and faster than iTunes, have a better interface than even the best of them. Its clear that the future is not clear at all. While there was no answer there's still the feeling of hope amoungst us all. I feel that in this particular case, the digital spotify situation, we just dont have an answer now. The future will provide it. All we can do here and now is to brainstorm with open minds and together, realign the planets of the musical cosmos.

Until then, take it most easily!

[Lenny Ibizarre]

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