jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Nuevo programa en Ibiza Sonica - LOW FLOW -

Nuevo programa en Ibiza Sonica - New shows at Ibiza Sonica
LOW FLOW - JUEVES / THURSDAYS 21:00 to 22.00

Low Flow Sessions info:
Low Flow Sessions - is a one-hour radio show hosted by the Low Flow Records label and its main figures, musicians and producers - Fabien Kamb and Krummstoff.
The radio show is dedicated to the recent and fresh releases of the contemporary deep house and tech house scene, carefully selected mostly from the huge number of promo material that Low Flow Records regularly receives from its friend-labels.
Low Flow Sessions is also aimed to showcase the fresh releases of Low Flow Records itself, informing a listener with all the interesting and necessary information throughout the show.

Low Flow Records bio:
Low Flow Records is a record label run by the musicians and producers - Ashot Babayan (a.k.a. Krummstoff) and Garry Mkrtchyan (a.k.a. Fabien Kamb) (together known as Mad and Spectral, Salt Sweet, Warm 8).
Low Flow was established in the fall of 2008, as a result of huge enthusiasm and true love towards the quality electronic music, becoming a home for talented producers and the A-class electronics.
The label is mostly oriented at putting out the cutting edge deep house, deep tech and tech house vibes, spreading around the full palette of what is called deep.
The main aim of Low Flow Records is to represent and to share the whole passion towards the intelligent deep electronics.