lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Pulselocker Radio, a next generation music service

Day by day, little by little the image of the dj with a big box of records has changed to the digital format, first with the cd´s and then with usb. Now, even this tiny physical format could be replaced by having all of your songs on the cloud, available wherever you are with your computer, like with Spotify. Ibiza Sonica is gonna show you how it works every thursday from 9 to 10pm (CET) on the Pulselocker Radio Show.
Pulselocker is the world’s first streaming and subscription service that lets DJs play millions of tracks, with the most popular mixing apps, online or off. DJs use Pulselocker to experience and DJ music in a revolutionary way. DJs bypass the frustrations of today’s music shopping and discovery experience by giving them on-demand access to over 4M full-length tracks and also giving DJs the freedom to “test drive” music from Pulselocker catalog, before they buy, so they can play an infinite number of sets for a flat monthly cost. This ensures that music purchased from the download shop is a keeper that’s played again and again - not digital clutter that sits forgotten on a hard drive.
Pulselocker Radio Show on Thursdays 9-10pm (CET)