miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

AandM Studios Grand Opening Party in Milan / 12.10.2012 18H00-23H00

Next friday october 12th, from 18H to 23H we will be live from the A&M Studios grand opening party. Live from Italy, Milan... 

Created in 2002 by Dr. Shiver, Art&Music Recording is a European leader in multiple services
including audio, video, graphics web and educational. The Company is a record label
(specialised in Dance, House, Pop/Dance and Pop music), a record publishing company and
the biggest recording studio (for the creation of any audio, video, graphics or web file) in Italy.
Production; Mixing and Mastering Studio; Video Production; Artists Management (with over 40
talented artists from all over the World); Events Organisers; Websites and Graphics Development
and, from October 2012, Bombeat.com, Web Store 100% compatible with all web browsers and
Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) in order to sell any audio/video files and
musical instruments are only some of the services and facilities that can be provided.

Art&Music Recording collaborates and has direct partnerships with many brands, media and
prestigious companies such as: Steinberg; Youtube; Nokia WorldWide; Google; Beatport; Dj
Tunes; TrackitDown; Apple; Gracenote; Shazam; Juno Download & Juno UK.

Ready in October 2012, A&M has completed the building of a structure of over 1000 square
metres in Gallarate, which with its two large studios, with its six recording booths and its offices for
graphics, video and web, it will be the biggest structure of its kind in Italy and one of the biggest
and prestigious in the world.

Nothing was left to chance. The studios project has been created by a superlative team, guided
by Josif Vezzoli from JVC Acoustics and the location area of the building could not be any
better: Lake Maggiore and Lake of Varese are situated only 20 minutes away and are perfect
places to enjoy relaxing moments immerse in nature or to taste typical local food; Milan is only
15 minutes away and reachable from the train station (only 7 minutes walking distance from
headquarter), by car or bus; Malpensa Airport is practically “a few steps away”. Also with the
construction of the Pedelombarda motorway ready in less than a year time the area will be
connected to Bergamo in less than 50 minutes.

Also from October 2012, in collaboration with some of the most prestigious brands (such as
Apple Educational, Steinberg Educational e RockSchool) and with the most important
universities and colleges in the UK, A&M will open a new academy for Artists, Producers and DJs,
which will be the only professional school in Italy releasing European legally recognized diplomas
and rewarding the best students with record contracts and with their own record/album

A&M Studios Grand Opening Party

In conjunction with the opening of the structure we have organised an event of a national and
international calibre: 

Friday 12th October, at the new head quarter in Gallarate, 
Via Degli Orsinin.2, from 18.00 to 23.00 
(18.00-19:00 press conference - 19.00-23.00 guests opening ).

The Launch Party will be hosted by European artists and whom will perform live. Names such as
Karlos Sense and Igor Marijuàn (Ibiza Sonica Radio), Mauro Miclini (Radio Deejay), Stefano Pain
(one of the most respected dance producers in Italy), Kimberly Covington (Official voice for
Micheal Bublè, BB King, Gloria Gaynor), Mimi Blix (the hottest Norwegian model), Marco Evans
(Io Canto, Domenica 5, X Factor, Scherzi a Parte official voice), Kristian Vivo (MTV One Night
Tour) and Pietro Nobile (directly from Montreaux Jazz Festival) are only some of the talented
musicians, vocalists and Djs that will support this initiative performing live.

In order to create prestige and importance, the event has been created with the collaboration
of some of the most prestigious brands at an international level:

(A&M Academy is an official Apple Training Centre)
(probably the best college in the UK, for which A&M Academy will become the only
academy of contemporary music in Italy and issue diplomas recognised at an international
(all-time partner of A&M Recording)
(for which A&M Academy is the Official Training Centre)
Ibiza Sonica 
(the Best Dance Radio Station in Ibiza and Spain, and best International Radio
award winner)
(renowned venue in Como, where some of the most important event guests will be invited
after the opening party in Gallarate. Tables and bottles courtesy of Made)

Music will not be the only element to delight the spirits of the participants: A&M Recording have
contact with one of the best and well known restaurant of the Piedmont Region, which during
the entire event will serve the magnificent Prosecco Millesimato from Valdobbiadene and will
cook and serve grilled and fresh food which we have no doubt it will please the most
sophisticated tastes.

The entire evening will be promoted on all the Ibiza Sonica Radio channel networks and on Ibiza
Sonica itself, which from 18.00 to 23.00 will transmit the live show of the entire event. 

the event will be transmitted globally live on the official YouTube of the label: 

A&M Recording Studios Grand Opening Party: 

You Simply Cannot Miss It!