jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

Live from International Radio Festival, Zurich / September 15th 2012

This next saturday spetember 15th, we will be live from the International radio festival in Zurich with exclusive radio show, a party with Sonica & pioneerDj djs and also maybe... An ON AIR Award...


22:00 to 24:00 International Radio Festival from Schloss Sihlberg

22:00 to 23:00 Andy Wilson - "Balearia" (Ibiza Sonica)
23:00 to 24:00 Igor Marijuan - "In The Booth" (Pioneer DJ Radio)

24:00 to 5:00 International Radio Festival from Cabaret Club in Zurich

24:00 to 1:00 DJ Christian Len (Ibiza Sonica) loc: Valentin Huedo : "Zoologica"
1:00 to 2:00 DJ Valentin Huedo (Ibiza Sonica) loc: Andy Wilson: "Balearia"
2:00 to 3:00 DJ Igor Marijuan (Pioneer DJ Radio) loc: Dan Tait: "DJ Sounds Show"
3:00 to 4:00 DJ Dan Tait  (Pioneer DJ Radio) loc: Igor Marijuan: "In the Booth"
4:00 to 5:00 B2B Ibiza Sonica & Pioneer DJ Radio

Broadcasted live on Ibiza Sonica from 22H00 till 4H00 (CET)


For starters the Festival’s format is a world first.  Never before has there been an annual meeting place to celebrate the world’s most consumed medium, music radio. This has made the IRF the annual hub where the music radio industry meets and showcases the best music show formats; to their peers, a studio audience, and live on-air to local and global listeners. and it takes place in Zurich, a beautiful, vibrant, yet tranquil city full of surprises.
Since its inaugural year, the IRF has brought together more than 100 ground-breaking music radio shows from around the world, enabling their makers the exceptional opportunity to showcase their best music radio programmes in the presence of their peers and industry professionals, as well as “live On-Air” to the general public visiting the Festival, to their listeners back home, and online around the world, offering those tuned-in the rare opportunity to “Listen to how the World Sounds”.

This year 28 international radio stations will showcase their music radio programmes live on-air on FM over the city of Zurich on 104.1 & 96.9, on Cablecom across all of Switzerland, and online around the world; plus many radio stations will also broadcast their show live back to their home audiences.


So our goal is simple: to celebrate the world’s most consumed medium: Music Radio, and offer those passionate about music radio the rare opportunity to “Listen to how the World Sounds”, on one single channel.
The Festival aims to bring together likeminded music radio pioneers to share their passion, let them network with each other, knowledge share and trade their formats and ideas, and so help continue enriching the listening experience for all audiences around the world.
And through the IRF ON-AIR Awards, the Festival wishes to honour those who ensure the continual flow of quality and informed curated contemporary music on the radio. That’s our Goal.


The IRF is unique too in that it is both a B2B conference and a B2C event at the same time. Like minded music radio professionals from around the world attend the IRF to network and share knowledge at the B2B forum panels and key notes, and showcase their music radio programmes to their peers.
Music radio remains the universally single largest “distributor” and communicator of music, and music related lifestyles, today, and the Festival’s B2B Forum format is already playing a pro-active  part in supporting the growing renaissance of music radio across the world today.
The IRF offers leading lights from the music and music radio industry a platform to share their knowledge and views on the future of music radio with other like-minded industry professionals.


The third edition of the InternationalRadio Festival (IRF) takes place at the magnificent private residence Schloss Sihlberg, in the middle of Zurich from Wednesday12th to Sunday 16th September 2012.

The Festival HQ is located in Zurich’s only private castle residence, Schloss Sihlberg www.ssz.ch, majestically perched on a hill overlooking the city of Zurich.  There our radio guests will find a relaxed open studio environment, set-up in one of the grand rooms of this beautiful residence.

And to close off the day’s programming, from 10pm onwards the Festival moves to the famous Cabaret Club www.cabaret.im in Zurich’s industrial quarter, where more up-tempo radio formats are broadcast to a more clubbing orientated audience.


The IRF “ON-AIR” Awards underpin the Festival’s goal to celebrate the very best in global music radio programming,, and through these awards the IRF wishes to honour those radio makers who push the boundaries in music radio entertainment.
All invited music radio guests participating in the IRF are also nominated for one of three International Radio Festival ON-AIR Awards:
  • Best Swiss Radio Show
  • Best International Radio
  • Best International Radio Show
  • Lifetime Achievement Award


The 3rd International Radio Festival (IRF) looks forward to welcoming radio stations from all four corners of the globe.
The below listed radio stations will be coming to Zurich to showcase some of the best music radio programming available on-air today. And all participating radio stations are also  and are also nominated for one of three IRF ON-AIR AWARDS.


Founded in 2006 with the desire to create a non-commercial radio station delivering a slice of Ibiza’s amazing musical landscape to the world, Ibiza Sonica experienced a swift rise to the top of its game.

The internet has played a fundamental role in Ibiza Sonica’s worldwide success beaming their programming schedule across the globe simultaneously with the FM broadcast on the island. Boasting line-ups to rival any super club, it’s no surprise thousands of listeners tune in for their daily Ibiza Sonica fix, and this is the reason why Sonica has won radio prizes like Deejay Mag or DJ Awards.

Fm/Online 24/7 international electronic music radio station broadcasting from Ibiza, the global epicenter of electronic music. Radioshows featuring the crème de la crème of international talent – including Carl Cox, John Digweed, Josh Wink, Adam Beyer, Nightmares on Wax or Ralph Lawson.

Our programming also features regular live broadcasts from key locations in Ibiza and dance events worldwide. From sunsets, beach clubes like Blue marlin to e great discos or special events from ibiza, spain or international broadcasts from  China, Dubai, USA, Mexico, Brazil

Sonica´s studios are located by the Ibiza – San Antonio highway, in the heart of the island. Based in the village of San Rafael – with incredible hilltop sunset views – Ibiza Sonica is much more than a radio station,  it is a way of understanding life with music.

Ibiza Sonica uses the latest technology for reaching and interacting with the audience. You can reach Sonica with Facebook radio player, special links to Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick time, and  iTunes.

There are Sonica apps and a new special player for all smart phones systems such as  Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Symbian. All  this as well as Sonica website and the FM RADIO in Ibiza reaching cars, homes and shops

Find us as well on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Mixcloud...

See you there and... Keep the fingers crossed...