miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

SONAR 2012 Starts tomorrow...

Probably this year is the most special edition of Sónar ever for Ibiza Sónica´s crew. Not just for being, as usual, broadcasting live from there or cause we love the line-up. Besides there will be lots of friends playing or just enjoying Sónar with us. For example Uner, Coyu, Nacho Marco and the Pioneer DJ Kids are coming to play to our stand in “El pati de les dones” at Sonar Day with the new Pioneer RMX-1000 and we will be sharing some talking also with some of the most interesting artists of the line-up. 

But, in addition to this, this year we can consider us part of the festival as Igor Marijuán, Ibiza Sónica´s director, is playing this year (Friday 15, 22h @ SonarPub) opening for Lana Del Rey. So more than ever we are going to Sónar excited for feeling again the beat of a city, Barcelona, that becomes the international hub of the electronic music for a week. 

And we will try our best to let you feel all that energy with our broadcastings Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 17 to 20pm from Sonar By Day.

Here you are some of the Sonar Highlights...

Dancefloor specialists for both nights of Sónar

The two sessions of Sónar by Night, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June, are packed with a full schedule of shows and djs who have the dancefloor in their sights.

Friday 15: Richie Hawtin, Fatboy Slim, James Murphy, Jacques Lu Cont…

The first of the two SonarClub nights will feature heavyweights of global electronica such as Richie Hawtin and Squarepusher, current safe bets like Untold and Nina Kraviz, recently added to Sonar by Night, who will be closing the stage with a set full of fresh new electronica and house, just a few hours later from her live show at Sonar by Day. Also, SonarClub will host the session by the young Coyu, playing between Amon Tobin’s ISAM show and Hawtin’s set, and Eduardo de la Calle, who will be kicking the evening off with his deep techno.

Saturday 16: Modeselektor, Laurent Garnier, Maya Jane Coles, Deadmau5…

On Saturday, SonarClub plays host to four of the most popular producers/djs of dancefloors around the world: Canada's Deadmau5 (with a spectacular show), the young Frenchman Madeon, the rising American star Pretty Lights and the veteran on the decks Luciano, Berlin-based Chilean and owner of the Cadenza label. With them will be two bands that also have dancebeat in their DNA, Die Antwoord and -of course- New Order.

Close by, in SonarPub, the freshly-minted house from The 2 Bears will set the tone from the get-go, followed by DJ2D2 (with his specially AV Show), Hot Chip, the tremendous duo of Blawan Vs. Mary Anne Hobbs and two de luxe names to finish off: the infallible Modeselektor and the equally flawless Laurent Garnier with his project LBS, halfway between a session and a live show.

Dancing is also a sure thing at SonarLab, with sets by two of the most solid benchmarks of new British house, Maya Jane Coles and Julio Bashmore (responsible for ending the evening) plus the concerts by Azari & III and Metronomy and the Hyperdub showcase, headed by the great Kode9.

Selected Selectors

Sónar 2012 is honoured to present some of the most important figures on the underground scene in recent years, who are outstanding in terms of their extensive knowledge and are renowned selectors when they get behind two turntables and a mixing desk. 

Daniel Miller is one such figure. He pioneered the use of synthesizers with his project The Normal and is the man behind Mute Records - an essential label in understanding the ground-breaking trends in electronica and pop of the last 35 years. He will be giving us a session that is bound to bring together styles and strands of musical action for the enjoyment of those present. 

Like Miller, Britain's Trevor Jackson  is one of those multifaceted characters that stands out due to their ability and exquisite taste: a producer, remixer and the head of the Output label (The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Maurice Fulton, Colder), he recently curated the compilation of post-punk and proto-electronica "Metal Dance" for the label Strut; his visit to Sónar gives us the opportunity to listen to a dj with panoramic vision, experience and an extensive catalogue of sounds inside his head. 

Talking of LCD Soundsystem: James Murphy, its charismatic leader and founder, the boss of the DFA factory and a compulsive collector of hidden dancefloor music gems, returns to Sónar to delight us with one of his always exquisite sets of high altitude funk-disco-house. 

But if there is one dj at Sónar 2012 who can be considered a cult figure, that honour undoubtedly goes to DJ Harvey. Harvey, who was born in Cambridge and has lived in the United States for several years, is a djs' dj, a very influential figure in the recovery and reappraisal of disco music and garage house, and a marvellously unpredictable selector, whose sessions never seem to bear any resemblance either to each other or to those of any other contemporary dj.

Finally, we must mention two outstanding characters from the new currents of British electronic music who occupy very different niches: first, Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9, the head of the essential Hyperdub label, an excellent producer and a dj with impeccable technique, who uses his sessions to bridge the gap between dubstep, UK funky, drum'n'bass and juke with consummate skill. Meanwhile, and for the sixth time at the festival, we will have the chance once again to enjoy Mary Anne Hobbs, who will be accompanied by the brilliant young Blawan. Hobbs is renowned for her popular radio shows, and is now one of the world's most important djs due to her passion, extensive knowledge and proven good taste.

Visual shows to overwhelm the senses at Sónar 2012

In 2012, the festival has made a clear commitment to shows with an outstanding technological dimension, which are remarkable due to their visual impact and the fact that they transcend mere concert status. This is the case with ISAM, the fascinating show by Amon Tobin based on large building blocks and projections that use 3D mapping technology; the large format shows by Deadmau5, using an impressive light show and his usual mouse mask as the main stage elements; Modeselektor, who will be accompanied by projections and images from the prestigious Berlin collective Pfadfinderei

In a similar vein, but in a smaller format, the highlights of the Sónar by Day line-up include the Archimedes Show by Daedelus, with 24 mirrors that multiply the already colourful stage presentation, and the performance of Diamond Version , the new project by Germany's Alva Noto and Byetone, who with the Japanese artist Atsuhiro Ito- use modified fluorescent tubes as a sound source in their live show and play them as if they were heavily amplified electric guitars. 

Also worthy of note at Sónar by Day is the unique Brain Pulse Music by MasakiBatoh , who creates live sounds based on brain impulses, using frequencies that can be tracked by the audience on several screens. And of course, there is the second collaboration by the Berlin-based audio-visual team Pfadfinderei, who this time will be shedding some light on the live compositional processes of the brand new group Mostly Robot, led by Jamie Lidell and Tim Exile.
Sónar shines the spotlight on Spanish talent with over 30 shows and activities at SonarPro

Sónar once again selects and highlights the most relevant and interesting developments on the Spanish scene for the festival audiences, with more than 30 shows including sessions and concerts, presenting a broad range of styles, ranging from noisism to new pop, and taking in the most thrilling and innovative rhythms of today's electronica.


Barcelona's John Talabot, perhaps the most outstanding Spanish producer working today, will be presenting tracks from his acclaimed album "fIN," accompanied by another artist in top form, Pional. Pegasvs will transfer their hypnotic kraut-pop with vintage synthesizers and analogue tape reels to a live setting. Meanwhile, Arbol, will be giving us his live show of delicate atmospheres and carefully crafted pieces, halfway between electronica and acoustic. 

Also noteworthy are the head of Lovethecaos d.Forma (noisism and experimentation taken to the limit); the London resident Santiago Latorre (abstract ambient and intimate jazz); the tremendous The Suicide Of Western Culture (conceptual techno and rave); the talented Lenticular Clouds (evocative and cosmic electronica); the creative freedom of Esperit! (folktronic improvisation); the duo Lolo & Sosaku (minimalism executed using their own instruments); El_Txef_A (elegant deep house from Bilbao); the promising Clip! (house and bass music in perfect communion) and Monki Valley (electronic tropicalism with a pop soul); the very young Stand Up Against Heart Crime (dark synth pop); the Barcelona-based Cadiz native Fábel (melodic and captivating IDM) the interactive show by Koulomek (bass music and IDM with a touch of rave); and the stimulating cinematic sounds of Microfeel.


The list of DJs in the sets section is long and varied. Among the highlights are the sets by two Barcelona veterans, Amable (appearing at Sónar for the first time, opening for New Order) and; DJ2D2, who will present his stunning AV Show; Logical Nonsense, (with a set of ambient electronica to kick things off); the young and increasingly popular DJ teams Yall Djs and Machine Beats; the bloated beats of Blastto; the face-off between Canada's SinjinHawke and Austria's Zora Jones (who are both based in Barcelona and are both lovers of the latest trends such as juke and new jersey club); another head-to-head, this time featuring Guillamino and Diego Armando to celebrate 10 years of the Bankrobber label; the syncopated Latin vibration rhymes of Nehuen; and the techno power and depth of Coyu, Uner and Eduardo de la Calle. And of course, our beloved director Igor Marijuán.

A Sónar to remember in Ibiza Sónica