lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

IN THE SPOTLIGHT the new radio show by COCOON arrives on Radio AMNESIA

Cocoon Artist Booking introduces a new interview & podcast series called "In The Spotlight": Every month we have a little chit-chat with an artist from our booking roster who adds an exclusive mix on top. Listen this exclusive monthly radio show every last monday of the month from 00H00 to 01H00 on Radio Amnesia and Ibiza Sonica.

Tonight, we start the series with a focus on Ingo Boss :

The year 2011 has just come to an end. How was it for you, were there any special moments that are stuck in your memory?

Well, I perceived 2011 being rather turbulent, steady ups and downs with special highs and lows. My highlights were the nice gigs in Leeds, Sevilla and my annual birthday party at the Cocoon Club Lounge, just to mention a few. Besides that, I started my own net label EUREKA, which saw five releases until the end of last year. This is my platform to let out everything, all the genres that are moving me. That's also the reason why I decided to release my second album on my own label.
Another highlight for me is the annual Green & Blue open air. It's so much fun for me to work in the production team for several days, only to see and experience the fun everybody has on Sunday. That is really making me happy!

You already mentioned your label EUREKA – what can we expect in 2012?

For the beginning of February, I have my new album "Same Mind" in the pipeline, the exact release date being the 6th February. Besides that, there is the "Freakshow EP" with a very weird Neil Landstrumm remix of which I'm very proud. Neil has created something that sounds a lot like the Sativae, Scandinavia and Tresor tracks from 1997-1998, legendary! Apart from that, the first half of the year is already scheduled, more or less. Let yourself be surprised. At least, the label's motto is "expect the unexpected"!

What inspired you to release your album on EUREKA?

Like with my first album, my main aim is always to create electronic soundscapes with the related arcs of suspense. It's more something to listen to at a comfy after hour. There are no pure club tracks on it, that's what I rather do on my 12"es and remixes. Here, I can fully commit myself to the comfortable musical atmosphere. My two albums are more like the "Little Eternity" track that was released on Cocoon Recordings in 2003.

Are there any remixes of the album tracks planned?

Yes, there are two remix EPs scheduled. I already received the remixes by Johannes Heil and Mark Reeve. Junyamabe (the winner of Cocoon Recordings' Japan producer contest last year) is also doing a remix. I liked his track on "Dots & Pearls" so much that I have asked him straightforward. Also, Dr. Shingo from Tokyo is doing one, plus some more 'well-known artists'. I don't want to tell more here. These reworks will partly represent the club mixes of the album, but there are also planned some mixes for listening.

You are playing at ageHa in Tokyo on the 25th February, and this is not your first time. How do you perceive Japan and its Techno scene?

I have played in Tokyo for the first time in 2005, that was at ageHa, at its 3rd anniversary party. Man, I was nervous, I can tell you. And I was all the more happier that the club was really burning and the guests were totally excited about my DJ set. For me, this is one of the best sound systems worldwide, absolutely worth seeing and hearing! AgeHa means butterfly in English, which is perfectly matching the metamorphosis of the chrysalis in the cocoon. I'm very glad to be back this year, even if the pictures of last year's catastrophe are still in my head. Let's hope the best for Japan!
The Tokyo scene is well positioned for more than 20 years now. I also played two times at Womb and in other locations. The Japanese are big fans of technology, you can see and hear that everywhere. Everything is on a high technological level and designed with very much love. The cordiality and friendliness of all the people speaks for itself, whether it's the clubbers, the staff or the promoters, who literally do everything to make us artists feel comfortable there. Many thanks for that!

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