martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

RADIO SOULWAX / 2manyDjs / Live from Ibiza Sonica Today 19H00-20H00

We don’t need to present Stephan and David Dewaele, the two brothers who founded with Stefan Van Leuven and Steve Slingeneyer the legendary band, Soulwax.

The two brothers, after their live with Soulwax used to play music to end the show. Finally, they kept the project and became '2 many Djs'. It’s actually their radio show « Hang The Dj » inspired by grandmasterFlash, on a national belgian radio where 2manyDjs really impose their style, and what a style! The concept? No rules with the music, every mix desserves to be tried. The result? Some audacious and mad tracks such as mixing an old school reggae track of 10Cc with Destiny Child vocals or mixing Iggy Pop with Salt n' Pepper, out comes a very proper style of music.

The time passes, but their Madness remains the same. Always on stage or on the road all over the world, this two belgian guys never stop. It’s actually what was announced in the teaser of their DVD release in 2008, Part of the weekend never dies : « Honestly I don't know how it happens, physically how human beings can withstand so much touring and performing … every night, for years by now. »

Radio Soulwax came back !

Two years ago they said they think about the return of Radio Soulwax.
The idea? A series of 24 one-hour mixes, entitled Introversy. The Dewaele brothers have decided to pitch only the introductions of the song (famous or not) with of course their sense of hedonism, humour and efficiency that characterizes them.
Each mix should be released individually and weekly on the website and will have his own sound and visual identity.
The two brothers ultimately create a total new 24 hours experience.
The experience has already started and can now be seen online. The owners of Android or Apple machines can even download a special application here.

On Tuesday August 30th, Stephan and David Daweale A.K.A. 2 many Djs will be in the Ibiza Sonica radio Studio for an exclusive live set from 19H00 to 20H00.

After stormed Dalt Vila during the final of the international music summit in May with Dubfire and Pete Tong, you'll can find them in PACHA tonight con James Murphy. It’s actually their seventh date on the Island in the summer.