sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

Sonica Live broadcast from SLUIZ (Ibiza) - Sunday Culinair


SLUIZ. is not only a shop selling beautiful and exciting products, it is a magic place, an adventure, an experience and an inspiration. It can be the sluice (SLUIZ) to a new way of focusing your surrounding.

Please come around, drop in when you are passing by on your way from Ibiza to San Jose. Take your time to scrawl through our big tents, get inspired by what your eyes see and your mind feels.

We want, that you experience an unforgetable way of shopping animating all your senses. See, touch, smell and taste inspiring products in a great location. It will awake your own creativity.

The SLUIZ. store in Ibiza opened in 2006 and within days, it became one of the most inspiring and loved shop on the island Ibiza. Yvonne and Hans, the inventors of SLUIZ. have a magic hand and always fill the store with exciting objects, they find on their trips through Europe.

While you are shopping, you should also find time to look at this beautiful ols warehouse building, with his unique roof, the backyard, where the products are stored in huge white tents and to finish with a coffee in the cactus garden.

You will experience an unforgetable way of shopping with inspiring products in a great location.

And also enjoy our great SLUIZ.nights with exhibitions, music and happenings like Sunday Culinare & Ibiza Sonica Broadcast.

call: +34 971 800 005
fax: +34 971 801 004
ctra. Ibiza/San José Km 8


Sunday 13 december From 16.00 till 20.00 Have a taste of tapas from France, Indonesia, Holland, Japan, Oysters, wines, cavas. You can shop the whole day from 10.00 till 20.00

Nice music with Igor Marijuan, Andy Wilson & Ernesto Altés and live
broadcast of Ibiza Sonica from 16:00 to 18:00