martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009



I´m one of those persons who have had the opportunity to attend both of the parties which have been going on during this long weekend in Madrid. Having been able to express myself and the permission to talk about what I want and what I think I have decided to write to the readers of this blog in English (even though I´m a fervent fellowship Spanish chick) because I would like to talk to you (especially the foreigners) about Goa, about Madrid and make a comparison between Cocoon and Goa.
First of all you will probably need to read my chronic about Cocoon and then the article Ibiza Sonica wrote talking and explaining how Goa went, so you can understand my point of view.

Fifteen years have passed since the first Goa and how it has changed, its improvement and development have been incredible but the feeling is still the same as the first day. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and he told me that he hadn’t missed any of them during the fifteen years, since the first Goa in Gran Via (which now is know as 8ymedio) to Parque Sur in Leganés until they changed it to Fabrik in Fuenlabrada.
“I usually say to myself: this month, I’m not going…!. But as you would imagine, I always end up going. When you get there the problems you have or any type of inconvenience or bad energy completely passed just like if life was perfect for 12 hours! There is no other party like Goa around Europe.” says Carlos.

Why is it that when everybody comes for the first time to one of these parties, they end up saying the same thing? What is it that makes Goa such an incredible party?
Well, let me tell you what it is: It is ¨the¨ venue, Fabrik, isn’t it amazing? Outdoors, possessing two different terraces, a pool, and a huge indoors factory with the best sound, there is even a little river with ducks and swans! It is the music: The best Dj´s from around the world have played their sets in the Main Room, from Loco Dice, Onur Ozer, Reboot to Green Velvet, Raresh or our main resident Gerardo Niva. Who wouldn’t like to play in that scenery or in the Krystal Club watching the sun setting during the warm balmy summer evening, people dressing up and losing themselves into the music without any cares and just essentially having a blast? It’s also the scenery and the theme each month they develop. We even had, in this fifteen anniversary, animals hanging from the roof and gorillas jumping around touching people’s heads!
Madrid has hosted thousands of people during this weekend and I don’t exactly know if one of the reasons this was happening was (besides people have no money to go abroad or travel) that these two parties were going on, but I think possibly it may be as both of them were packed! So many people from both, around and outside of Spain, came to Cocoon to listen to Villalobos and Luciano playing their back to back sets. Music moves mountains!

It was an AMAZING party but I have to say Goa was better. Goa had something that Cocoon didn’t and you could feel it, I could feel it and everybody who had been in both parties completely agreed. A good party needs to have a determined concept and Trip Family, who are the promoters of this party, have had this point really clear since the first moment. They decided to create a roll or theme for each party, they took a huge placement to developed it, Fabrik. Then it is essential to work with the best team which had to be the most artistic and creative so each month, Goa, was different and better form the last. It’s also the scenery and all that involves developing that theme. The mentality of the people its basic too, open minded, problem free, the way we call it here is: “disfrutones”. It’s all about the music and the positive energy you get when the party is over (11 hours) and even though you feel exhausted, you realized there was nothing better than the people you have met and the feeling you have got around them. As I told you before big parties need to be a whole and this one have existed and survived for 15 years. The energy of the people, attitude free, the good VIBE… If there is a place which have all the ingredients to make the receipe for a good party, that is GOA.

Often travelling and being in touch with the European clubbing scene, I feel qualified enough to say that nothing matches Goa, not even in Berlin have I found anything as spectacular as this. I totally recommend to people who haven’t been to Madrid, first of all to come and visit the city, and secondly, to try to coincide their visit with the Goa experience.

Happy anniversary and congratulations to the entire Goa team, congratulations to Ibiza Sonica for their hard work and the effort they made. Congratulations to Pete Herbert, Tiefswcharz, Jazzanova, Jay Haze and Loco Dice for making us dance (even though we think he messed up a little bit….) for his wicked session and to the rest of the Joss who had taken part in this wonderful day!

We´ll see you for the New Year!

Fdo. Lara Lopez.