lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

PITCHFORK Music Festival in Paris / Oct 28 & 29

The Pitchfork story began in 2006, when Ryan Shreiber, Young american from minneapolis, saw in internet an important potential to deliver his ideas about music, independent music.

«The reviews I was reading at the time lacked strong opinions. They were all pretty much reverent. And I thought: 'Where's the honesty?' I knew that if I listened to 100 records I was going to dislike at least 20 of them. Also, a lot of the music that was getting popular at that time was second-wave Nirvana, such as Filter and the Deftones. I didn't feel it was independent music. It didn't come from independent labels.»

Just graduate and very disappointed about what he could read about music on the web, he decided to found his own online fanzine : Pitchfork, where he could share his own musical reviews. He started to recrute some new writers, paid with CD promos, and the Pitchfork Machine started slowly to grow up. For giving you an idea, today, Pitchfork has around of 50 Freelance writer worldwide and 20 full-time staff, based in New York and Chicago.
Ryan Shreiber was nominated in 2009 to appear in the TIME Magazine Top 100.

« We are very, very Frank… »

The main idea of Pitchfork, was to talk about indie music, the music that you don’t listen in radio or TV. Critized so many time for their Frankness, The Pitchfork team didn’t give up and decided to go forward, creating an Independent musical event in Chicago.

In 2006, the first Pitchfork Music Festival took place in july in the union park in Chicago and bring not less than 35,000 visitors to listen 41 bands including the electronic Producers Diplo and Matthew Dear.

For the first time of Pitchfork History, the festival leave Chicago to come install itself in Paris, for the first foreign Pitchfork edition.

«Yes ! The Pitchfork Music Festival will embark on a journey across the atlantic, touching down for two autumn days in the City of Lights»

The idea seems succesfull, the tickets were already sold out two weeks ago.

Organized by Pitchfork media and the french event and musical agency Super!, the parisian edition of Pitchfork will take place in La Grande Halle De La Villette, the biggest concert hall of the city on October Friday 28 and Saturday 29.

on Friday night, Electronic music will Storm the city of lights…

Richard D. James' recordings as Aphex Twin have helped set the bar for exploration in electronic music. Garnering more praise than nearly any other electronic artist that came out of the 1990s, Aphex Twin's strong hardcore and acid roots are heavily embedded within his music, making for an entertaining and unique live show.
First spanish date since the We Love Space Closing on September 26, Aphex Twin Recently has spent time recording and playing with Battles and Steve Reich who he played with last september 17 at the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow, Polonia on a very exclusive and unique light and sound performance together…

Germany's Hendrick Weber has been releasing tracks under the name Pantha du Prince since the early 2000s. After releasing two minimal-inspired house albums (Diamond Daze and This Bliss) Weber extended his craft while remaining true to his original vision with his 2010 release,Black Noise. With a sound as gritty as it is chaotic, Black Noise enlisted the help of Noah Lennox (Panda Bear of Animal Collective) for "Stick to My Side" and Tyler Pope of LCD Soundsystem and !!! for "The Splendour".

The Splendour by Pantha du Prince

« Electronic Music creates its own history, which gives it a lot of freedom to tell stories that haven’t been told. As soon as you work with classical music you work with a certain history. When you hear the sound of a violin, immediately you’re remembering, 500-600 years of human kind. Electronic music has the ability to go into a field that is new, not connected to a deeper history. »

Hendrick Weber aka Pantha Du Prince asked about the beauty of electronic music by the WebZine 200 % on october 13.

Read here the complete interview.

Erol Alkan got his start in the London DJ scene in the early 2000s as the house DJ for Trash nightclub. With a sound that blurs together elements of electronic, dance, and industrial, Alkan soon found himself playing for some of world's top nightclubs. He has since spent time remixing tracks for Bloc Party, Hot Chip, and Daft Punk and made this tremendous remix of the Connan Mockasin song « Forever Doplhin Love ».

Erol Alkan will be Madrid on Sunday, to storm the Halloween GOA Electronic Sunday.
Ibiza Sonica will be present on this event to broadcast it and share it with you…

To complete this Friday line-up, the frenchy Four Tet, Real Estate, fucked Up, Iceage, Cut Copy,Mondkopf, Wild Beasts, and Washed Out.

On Saturday, Sweden will be honoured in Paris with the beautiful and mystic Lykke Li. While her 2008 debut album, Youth Novels, made its retro-chic mark on the global blogosphere, her most recent release, Wounded Rhymes, proves to be a rich and complex album that still manages to be rough around the edges.

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (Hype Machine Album Exclusive) by LykkeLi

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman creates witty pop songs that appeal him to a literate, clever indie audience. After releasing a number of EPs and a debut album in the early 2000s, Lekman's profile rose with his second, acclaimed full-length, Night Falls Over Kortedala in 2007. His most recent release, An Argument With Myself, continues to roll with the catchy one-liners as he uses the album to show off his diverse artistic capabilities...

It sound eclectic acoustic and electric...

Listen the exclusive Parisian edition of the Pitchfork Playlist

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of the first foreing edition of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.