miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Plastic City Radioshow with Lukas Greenberg

Tonight's Plastic City Radioshow has a new host - musician, DJ and producer Lukas Greenberg


hear the show at 2200 IBZ time every wednesday

1.Faktor X - Shiny Cage - League
2. Maxxa - Believe In It - Look Ahead Rec.
3. Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker - Kinderteller - Promo
4. Makam - You Might Lose It(Kerri Chandler kaoz 623 mix) - Promo
5. Tiger Stripes - Lomnely Girl - Great Stuff
6. Nicolas Moudaber - 17Kisses - Tronic Sound
7. Chris Lattner - Backflip Shuffle - Promo
8. Fake Chicken & Cheap Soap - Just Just (King Roc Rmx) - Greenhorn Rec.
9. Franky Rizardo - Afrika (Hardwell Releaved Rmx) - Promo
10. The Timewriter - Pasodoble (Kruse & Nuernberg Rmx) - Plastic City
11. Lukas Greenberg - Heaven and Hell (Minority Rmx) - Plastic City
12. Rah Band - Clounds Across The Moon (Neuroxyde Meets Aki Bergen Dub-O-Matic Rmx) - Great Stuff

Lukas Greenberg definitely is no newcomer in the electronic music scene. He started his career in the early 90ies as a hip hop dj and played at famous venues like the tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. Quite a lot residencies and years of dance floor experience brought him to own productions which he started on an Atari Mega 2. He founded his label “Synphon Records” and received remix requests from Peter Schilling amongst others.

It’s easy to see that after more than ten years in the business his musical background is based on a broad variety of influences and styles – so is his music and what else than Plastic City could be the perfect platform for the height of his creativity. Last year he had his first appearance at “Play. Plastic City” and his debut EP “Behind Doors” earlier this year drew attention to this fantastic musician, producer and DJ.

The “Rhode Stories” again verify his sense for high quality listening stuff: He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book. He produced several introductions for the “chapters” and after listening the whole album one is convinced about a theory behind the compilation of the songs. Lukas Greenberg rides on a wave of downbeat, electro, house, easy listening and some more ingredients which make you feel comfortable about listening to the “Stories” again and again. This is an outstanding collection of tracks – influenced by people, life and musical history and hits bulls eye aiming at the Plastic City philosophy. Enjoy the warm and bright atmosphere - high quality listening pleasure!

For the second album “Prisoner With A Key” he improves that concept from his first album "Rhode Stories": Spreading out his facilities in combining and creating sounds, he wrotes chapters for his new "book of sounds". The chronological order of the tracks is his story of the second step of his musical work on Plastic City. For his second album, Lukas Greenberg worked together again with the singer and electronic musician Karl Jenkins aka Ideophonic from Great Britain, who was also part of the "Rhode Stories" production process before. Furthermore he engaged the vocalist Nica Brooke, who is working on her new album at the moment together with Grammy Award winner Don Mizell. The result is a great combination of warm, bright and tight tracks which we inclined to call album art. "Prisoner With A Key" is also a real masterpiece on account of metamorphosing jazz, funk and soul elements into a new and electronic surrounding. This album is a must have for everybody who does not want to miss the next step of high quality electronic music: intelligent, complex and absolutely deep!.