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Los residentes: el auténtico motor de Ibiza

Poco a poco los oriundos de Ibiza y los que viven en la isla desde hace años van cobrando el protagonismo que merecen en los medios especializados. Y es que, en el fondo, nadie conoce mejor el ritmo y la esencia de la isla y como tal es hora de que se reconozca el importante papel de los residentes. Además, fiestas como 100% Ibiza (patrocinado además por Isleña), Sunshine People o Local Heroes tienen como denominador común a dj´s residentes en la Isla Blanca. Tal y como dice Edu Clarà en su artículo El engranaje musical de Ibiza "hoy en día, todos aquellos que llevan siendo parte de la actualidad musical ibicenca dicho de otra forma, las piezas esenciales del engranaje musical de Ibiza-­, se han visto abocados a un cierto e inevitable abandono en favor de las grandes promotoras y headliners más destacados. Sin embargo, hay que tener presente que todo este séquito de artistas lleva no pocos años haciendo bailar a la isla. Ellos son el verdadero motor musical de Ibiza". A misa.

A continuación puedes leer dos extractos de entrevista a los sónicos Valentin Huedo e Igor Marijuán en quizà, hoy por hoy, los medios especializados en electrónica de baile más respetados nacional e internacionalmente: Vicious y Resident Advisor.


 Él mismo se definene como un selector musical y un facilitador de conexiones entre profesionales de la industria. Este olifacético artista es uno de los responsables de hacer sonar a diario labanda sonora de Ibiza desde las ondas hertzianas de Ibiza Sonica, una de las radios más destacadas de la isla donde  es la cabeza visible y el alma mater. Su estilo ecléctico y variado transmite un mensaje sonoro repleto de buenas sensaciones y energía positiva.

¿Cuál crees que ha sido tu contribución a la escena de la isla? Y viceversa…

Aportar mi granito de arena en lo que a la imagen de Ibiza se re!ere fuera de la isla. De otro lado, la isla a mí me ha aportado una forma de vida...

Ibiza actual, ¿evolución o involución?

Evolución total, siempre adelante y de forma increíble. Con cambios pero con la misma esencia.

Tres palabras que definan Ibiza:

Mágica, natural, especial, ideal.

Puedes leer el artículo completo comprando el número de Agosto de Vicious Magazine


You've always had very close links with Ibiza Sonica radio. Would you say that was a platform designed to support and nurture local talent?

Yes definitely. Originally, the vast majority of fixed shows on the station were manned by local DJs, from Ibiza and Formentera. In summer that would always change a bit, as all the promoters wanted to use the airwaves to push their parties. These days there are probably less local shows than before, but I'd still say that a strong 75% of the schedule is Ibicenco. That's the great thing about Ibiza Sonica, it conveys the real sound of Ibiza. In my opinion, much more so than any of the others.

Is there a strong community of Ibicenco DJs?

Yes, but we don't all know each other or necessarily interact. And of course, when summer arrives we're very much in the minority. There are some very talented DJs from the island, but the problem is that the focus has shifted away from the resident DJ and onto the superstar. The role of the resident DJ, as it was, has all but disappeared. Before, the resident DJ would play all night and people would go to the clubs to dance to them. This is the culture that the likes of Alfredo and DJ Pippi created. But today they're an insignificant part of the team, if they're even present at all.

I would imagine Ibiza is one of the best places for a young DJ to grow up in. Would you agree?

Definitely. Aged 12 I was watching videos of DJ Pippi and Cesar De Melero and I grew up totally surrounded by musicians, producers, DJs and music-lovers. As a result I started DJing at 15, making it my profession by the time I was 20. Everyone I'd speak to growing up would talk to me about this DJ or that song, it's a huge part of the Ibicenco identity. It has to be one of the best, if not the best place to grow up if you're a fan of music of any kind.

Do you feel enough is done to integrate the island's electronic scene and local DJs and musicians?

That's a tough one. Say there are 30 to 35 top local DJs—I'd say only five or ten of those are truly integrated into the wider international scene that arrives at our shores every year. It would be great if us locals had more of a presence, but then again, we're also up against the best DJs from all over the world. Just because we're from Ibiza it doesn't make us any more talented. As residents, we are an integrated part of the scene. We provide the soundtrack to the smaller spots—the bars, beach clubs, hotels—where we spend many hours playing. Of course, I would love us to be more integrated and have more of a voice. We'd do a good job.

Leaving parties aside, what about conferences like the IMS. Do you feel they could be doing more to reach out to the locals?

That's interesting you mention the IMS. I actually played there, at Dalt-Villa, in its first year. At that time, there was an agreement with the local council that they include a local DJ on the lineup and I happened to be the one selected. In following years, that condition was sadly scrapped. I thought that was a bit of a shame. Though I do understand; after all, it's the global superstars that draw the crowds.

But what about the conference itself? There's a real opportunity there to get the two worlds interacting.

I fully agree. I think people would be really interested in what we had to say, to hear our opinions, as locals, on the scene and how it could be altered or improved. It's an island-wide issue, however, it's unfair to home in solely on the IMS. No one puts in the effort to merge the two spheres. It's also up to us, as citizens of the island, to ask for it. We can't just sit back and expect it to be offered to us. That's part of the problem.

What changes would you like to see made?

Personally, I'd like to see the clubs and promoters place a little more faith in us locals. I'd like there to be more openings for local acts to express themselves on a bigger platform. Ibiza is too saturated at the moment, every day you have five or six great parties, with top-notch DJs playing, and only two or three of them will be full. But yeah, I'd like to see more of an open-minded attitude towards local DJs. You have the likes of Willie Graff, Tucillo—these guys are from Ibiza and play at Circoloco regularly. It would be great to see more of the same. And a shift in attitude towards the resident DJ. I feel like these days it's considered an almost lowly position, which is something I don't understand.

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